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Want to spend your vacation in a picturesque seaside village next to a vast golden sandy beach? Or do you prefer to spend your days next to a green mountain? Or do you want a combination of both?

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Platamonas. Its beach, where our hotel is located, will fascinate you with its blue waters and golden beach while it is surrounded by Platania that cast plenty of shade and gave their name to the area.

Nearby is the mythical mountain of the gods Olympus. A hike on its famous paths will bring you closer to nature and will unite you with history.

Don’t forget to take a walk through the village of Nea Poros. The small seaside village also has a unique beach with all-gold endless sand that will give you unique summer moments.

Πλαταμώνας Καλοκαίρι
Ιδέες για τις διακοπές σας
Ideas for your vacation

How to spend an unforgettable vacation

We have prepared for you a short list of the best things you can do once you get here:

  • After leaving your things at our hotel and settling in, take a dip on the magnificent beach of Platamonas. We know you already have it on your list, but a reminder never hurts!
  • Visit the historic castle of Platamonas. Built southeast of Olympus, above the old National Road, it is one of the best-preserved castles in the country, with its imposing citadel standing out. It was built during the Middle Byzantine period.
  • Walk in the picturesque streets of Platamonas and take a walk in the New Resources, where you will find special corners to take photos – do not say that you will not do it, we will not believe you.
  • Try fresh fish. The area is famous for this, don’t neglect it.
  • Try to do some of the activities we suggest.
  • Relax, refresh yourself, relax and don’t hesitate to ask us what will make your stay here just wonderful.
Daily trips

Short getaways

As we have already mentioned, Platamonas is located in an exciting part of the country, where it combines mountain and sea, history and the present. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of your vacation to discover it:

  • Excursion to Olympus: A short distance from Platamonas is Olympus. If you don’t feel ready for mountaineering, try walking on its famous trails that are an attraction for visitors from all over the world. And who do you know? You can get it snowy, even if it’s hot on the beach.
  • Tempe Valley: Another trip worth investing in one day of your vacation. The beauty of the valley is unreal, while the fact that it is crossed by the river Pinios makes the landscape even more imposing.
  • The ancient Dion: Near Platamonas is the specific archeological site dedicated to Zeus. It was one of the famous Macedonian states of antiquity. The archeological dig brought to light inscriptions, statues and pottery while you can see the ruins of the ancient city with houses, temples and of course the ancient theater of Zeus where performances took place. In the Archaeological Museum of Dion you will find important findings of the area.
  • … and more, contact the slot for more information
Ημερήσιες Διακοπές
Νυχτερινή Διασκέδαση
Magical and dreamy nights

Night life

If you like nightlife, once again Platamonas will win you over. Shops and bars will give color and music to your summer evenings, which you will accompany with cocktails and alcohol. Don’t forget to try our cocktails at Beach Bar “SUN”

If, on the other hand, you want absolute peace, no problem. Platamonas also has this side for one night on the beach.


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