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General information about the Sun Beach Hotel

Your Hotel in Platamonas

On a golden sandy beach in the mediterranean sea

Our hotel

Our hotel is located in the heart of Greece, at the resort of Platamonas. In front of it stretches the Thermaic Gulf, with the Aegean Sea, for which poets have written over the centuries and is engraved in the heart of every visitor who will have the pleasure to see it.

Behind it, the highest mountain in Greece and the mountain of the gods, Olympus.

Sun Beach Platamon, located in front of a golden beach and the blue sea, ready to offer you the holidays of your life, for you and your loved ones. Rest, relaxation and adventure alternate, depending on the mood of each day.

We are waiting for you to give you exactly what you need. A break from everyday life.

Πισίνα στο Πλαταμώνα σε ξενοδοχείου
A few words about us

Our philosophy

To offer you the experience of authentic Greek hospitality.

Our mission is one: To give you the experience of authentic Greek hospitality. That’s why we combine our many years of experience with the joy of knowing you and adapting to your needs, as if you were our first guests.

We want your vacation at our hotel to be unforgettable. That’s why we want to offer you a special stay, authentic Greek food, and activities that will make your everyday unique.

For us, you are not just a guest of our hotel, you are our guests. We are here for any of your questions and needs. Our support in this endeavor is our staff, our partners, and all members of the Sun Beach Resort Platamonas family.

Useful information

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Phone Sources


Useful phones

  • Platamonas Agricultural Clinic: +30 23520 42222
  • ELTA Platamonas: +30 23520 41774
  • Platamonas Police: +30 23520 41111
  • Platamonas Port Authority: +30 23520 41366


  • Athens Airport (El. Venizelos): +30 210 3530000
  • Thessaloniki Airport: +30 2310 475858
  • OSE N. Poron +30 23520 41274
  • OSE Leptokarya: +30 23520 33300

What is worth visiting in our area?

Sights, Destinations and more

Our area is suitable for visiting traditional Greek sites and scenery. Some of our main attractions include, the river Pineios, Tempi, Platamon Castle, mount Olympus, and many more! Everything is within half an hour by car, and you can easily find your way around. The reception desk is open for tourist bookings, more information, and can answer any of your questions.

400 km

Platamon to Athens

100 km

Platamon to Thessaloniki