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Walk to the Beach

A summer experience that offers both physical and mental well-being

Platamonas beach is famous for its golden beach, with the impressive plane trees reaching almost where the wave hits. So what’s better than a walk there in the morning or afternoon just before sunset? In fact, this beach is big enough to enjoy a walk but at the same time to relax your eyes, having on the one hand the blue waters of the Aegean and on the other the impressive nature of the area, while far away you will enjoy Olympus.

The benefits of these walks are many. We have put together some of them for you to get a first taste of why walking on the beach is the ideal holiday exercise and will become one of your favorite habits:

You will burn calories

Everyone on vacation throws it out a bit… One dish on the table above, another glass of alcohol on the fun and clink, it doesn’t take much to escape. Walking on the beach will give you the solution since the alternation of sand and pebbles gives it additional levels of difficulty. So by walking for an hour you will have burned at least the ice cream of the day (in calories). So an opportunity for another sweet.

And you will exercise your body

And because just burning calories is not enough, walking by the sea will help you exercise your body and especially your calves and buttocks. And if you walk barefoot in the sandy places, then you will strengthen your soles. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal scenario to return from your vacation with an extra line?

You will relax

As mentioned above, walking next to nature, let alone in a place that combines green and sea, relieves you mentally. Walking on the shore, you will leave behind everything that weighs on you and stresses you in everyday stress. Each step will bring you closer to nature and calm your mind. At the same time, the vitamin D you absorb will activate your body and brain even more.

You will come in contact with your inner self

Following the above, you can go through the process of walking even further and try to concentrate on the moment. Focus on the sounds of the sea or other bathers, what you see around you, and even your breathing. You will discover how much calmer and more focused you will feel in the present.

You will have fun

Take short breaks on your walk to collect strange shells or pebbles in striking colors and designs. In fact, after rinsing them well, you can take them home with you and use them as decorations. So, looking at them, you will remember your summer memories.

  • And for the end, some small tips:
    Choose the right shoes and be careful not to get injured
  • You can take turns walking alone or with friends so you don’t get bored
  • Don’t forget to do light stretching before and after the walk

Our hotel Sun Veach Resort Platamonas is located on the beach of Platamonas, so you have direct access to your walks. We are waiting for you on the phone 23520-42156 or by email to solve your every question.